Useful Ingredients for a Good Design

Useful Ingredients for a Good Design

After many requests today we show you one of the articles already published, translated in English.

What are the main ingredients to obtain a design that can be beautiful and functional at the same time?

Today we find them! Ready?


The logo is one element that remains imprinted in the minds of users, many of you recognize a brand, thanks to the logo. We do so in order to create a logo which is closely connected to our site which is responsible and has shapes and colors in contrast with the rest of degisn site.
Moreover, it is good to remember that the logo is something that will be printed on paper, placed in the articles of the site, and perhaps in advertising campaigns, so it is vital to have a logo that can vary the size to always get noticed, well-defined contours , colors and effect must always be visible, regardless of whether we are looking at the logo on the site, printed on paper or on a paper ticket where the logo is 0.5cm.


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You should be a lot of attention to the choice of colors used for the design. Do not forget that the colors to shape values, ways of thinking and strategy of the brand. The technology sector often plays on contrasting black / white design, creating sometimes bright sometimes dark design. The fashion industry often uses the bright colors or pastel shades, but these are just some example, then obviously the design is subjective and there are always exceptions to the rule (provided the outcome is always excellent!).


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Remember the logo of Coca-Cola? Obviously! Here is a case where the font has been imprinted for life in the minds of people! is a font that made the school, we have also seen used in several cases.
Choose the appropriate font to your design is important for 2 reasons:

  1. like the logo, the font is one element that people will remember (if well done!)
  2. readability of the contents of the site depends largely on the chosen font.



Users of the site must be able to perceive the quality of services / products offered by your brand before than they buy them. It is not easy! This is to make a series of right choices, including:

  1. Name of the brand
  2. How advertising
  3. Mode in which the customer is treated during the presale. A design is poorly designed hardly welcoming to the customer or may not reflect to the 100% values and strategies of the company. Do not forget that the design is just one of the tools to reach their goals.
  4. Perception of the brand by the customer: do not forget that there can be a big difference between how we want it to be seen on our brand and how it is actually seen by its customers or potential customers is our brand.



Think to a divided design for modules, each module inherits the main styles, can then be customized giving it a color or image. In this way you can implement different areas of your site and help users better orinetarsi to the site.
You can, for example, create an area that serves the users to get in touch with you, another about how to found your company on the web (through social network or other …) and then yet another area for feedback. Then the fantasy has no limits, and requirements may be of various kinds.


It’s the last thing that you see on every page but not the least, use it to add information to help the user (in addition to classical copyright) and realize it to be in harmony with the rest of the design.


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